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Kininso International Festival of Theatre is an annual theatre festival for children organised by Kininso Koncepts Productions with Special focus on works dedicated for Early years,children and adults audiences.KIFT empowers the children.., We explore their imagination and creativity. We make them think and ask critical questions. We aids their communication and confidence. We inspire and develop their vision for the future. We create lasting memories and a lifetime experience

KIFT 2022 Showcase

KIFT- Kininso International Festival Of Theatre 2022 (mini showcase) is back and better!


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Can be much more fun when spiced with music, dance, movement, games and colours. They say art is the most powerful tool. Our vision for KIFT is beyond just creating performances and workshops that explores children's imagination at a very young age, it is a whole attempt at crafting new experiences that becomes memories that shape their lives, their decisions and total well-being, for the future.

Adults are not left out in being part of the experiences this year as there will be training workshop for teachers during the festival. This is a mini showcase in preparation to the annual Kift festival in November 2022.

- Performances - Workshops - Music - Dance - Games - Colours

Supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Lagos. Join us as we begin the year with KIFT 2022.

Kift festival Schedule for the 25th to 29th January 2022 in Lagos Nigeria.

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