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Teachers and caregivers.

KIFT-EW explores children's:
- storytelling
- performance
- education
- psychology

KIFT is an annual festival for children with special focus on works dedicated for Early years. It is a platform to showcase new theatre works of different forms for children, early years, teenagers and adults. Our aim is to create special theatrical works for those within these age groups to aid proper transition and ascension in their different creative abilities. KIFT features an engagement workshop for teachers and caregivers which helps them to understand the psychology and needs of kids, learn new ways to teach and engage the children through stories, art, colors, music, sound, games etc. Supported by The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Lagos.

Apply via https://bit.ly/3JXnPUd


Plates, spoon, straws and humans come together in this playful rendition of colours. The performance came about as we were sad of the colour discrimination happening around the world. We ask ourselves, why can’t colours just be beautiful? Only beautiful and nothing more.


Patches uses colourful pieces of clothes to create random shapes and objects at different impulses. The performance invites children to open their minds and explore their creativity.


A play written by Ola Rotimi. This play uses fun, banter and wit, provocative, vulgar, aggressive, caring, loving languages to answer series of questions as to why the male and female gender must let go off their ego and eccentric behaviors and listen to one another. The play is directed by Joshua Alabi.