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A set that displays varieties of sewing materials all on top of a sparkling white cape mat. It's a sewing workshop with 2 distinct characters, Patch and Stitch both in their individual world explore the modern and old ways of making dresses and designs based on their knowledge. The later for them became a game of who designs best? Who's the most creative? Who's the fastest? Who can sew more? Who can explore more?

Without words, many questions are raised in this piece which takes a theme of clothing, finding solace and working together to create beauty around the world. With old materials, cans and plastic bottles, umbrellas, and other random objects, patch creates his clothes, stitch creates his with modern day materials and glamorous and new. But whether new or old, does the body care about that or rather about being covered from shame and rain? With sounds created from the different tools in the space like scissors, sewing machine, sounds from cutting the clothes, and other equipments, the piece is lively and engaging to both younger and adult audiences through music, dance, creative impulses and sudden revelations.


Sandscape is a Silent theatrical piece that embraces the Beauty and Essence of Nature and evokes the visual, hearing and rhythmic abilities that gets you transfixed with the aid of Sand as its major tool. With the accompaniment of a Black plastic nylon, cups, umbrella and buckets. The piece introduces and sinks it audience into a world of playful experience. it is a relaxing and engaging piece of theatre that explores the texture, weight, and breath of sand on various materials The piece offers an ever changing view, the sight of sand, swirling and creating shapes, prints, lines, games and landscape. Sandscape is a cooperation with the Goethe institut Nigeria.


The play Eniyan is an adaptation of the medieval morality play EVERYMAN; it is an allegorical play that centralizes on the deeds of man on earth. Each character represents a significant and symbolic metaphor in the lives of man (Eniyan). The characters in the play include IWA (CHARACTER), DUKIA (GOODS), AGBARA (STRENGHT), AWELEWA (BEAUTY), IJEWO (CONFESSION), OWO (MONEY), LAAKAYE (BRAIN). The characters are all allegorical as they are all attributes of man. It mirrors the ethos of man to teach man that at the end when man dies he takes nothing with him but his IWA (behaviour) for all his earthly possession is vanity.


A physical theatre piece that focuses on the corrupt nature of Government in Nigeria and how just like wild fire, it has spread across, and eaten deep into the various sectors of our economy.

The piece challenges Nigerians to forgo all her Negative practices by ensuring necessary political commitment, transparency, meritocracy, public support and regard for the rule of law with the sole aim of deepening and spreading anti-corruption and accountability especially throughout the election season. It condemns the nonchalance of individuals toward voting and encourages the public to see its right to vote as a weapon for change, by taking us on a journey from the past, through the present and then the future; serving as an eye opener to the much that we stand to gain if we unanimously key into the joint goal of institutionalizing anti-corruption and accountability.